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Growth of Food Allergies in Children

Around the United States, the number of food allergy cases in children has been on the rise. To give you an idea, roughly two students per classroom suffers from food allergies. Another way to look at this is one out of every 13 children suffers from food allergies....

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Air Quality and Lung Cancer Survival Rate

A new study published in Thorax suggests that exposure to poor air quality could have an affect on the survival rate of lung cancer patients. The population-based study observed over 352,000 patients with a recent diagnosis of lung cancer and their exposure to air...

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New Study Suggests Farm Life Has Affect on Asthma

A new study out in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that growing up around farm animals could help prevent Asthma in children. The study compared Amish children who grew up close to their live stock (cows, horses, etc.) versus Hutterite children who had...

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Fall Allergies – Ragweed

Although we are still in summer, the month of August indicates fall allergy season is just around the corner. With fall allergies comes the bloom of Ragweed, the biggest allergy trigger for patients. Ragweed tends to bloom around Mid-August and can bloom until October...

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Welcome to Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

Dr. Baz and his group of specialists have been committed to serving families of the Central Valley since 1982.  Our goal is to diagnose and treat adults and children with allergies, asthma or sinus problems with compassionate care and understanding. Baz Allergy has thirteen convenient locations and flexible scheduling so we are often able to provide immediate appointments including evenings.   Contact us today,  we can help you better control and offer relief for the following :

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Sinus InfectionHives
Hay FeverHeadache
Skin AllergiesFood Allergies
Facial Pain EczemaBronchitis
Insect AllergiesDrug Allergies

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