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September, October and back to school season has historically been a difficult time for children with asthma.  There are multiple factors that trigger asthma flare-ups and even hospitalizations, such as;

  • Fall ragweed season
  • Exposure to classmates with respiratory illness such as the common cold
  • Indoor allergens such as chalk dust, etc.. found in classrooms

A visit to your child’s doctor may be in order as a preventive measure, review your child’s asthma plan with your physician and understand what to do if asthma symptoms arise.  Some of the discussion points to review with your child’s doctor include a review of the allergens that may touch off an asthma flare, you may need to see an Allergist for testing.

Another important topic of conversation is your child’s inhaler technique, would a valved holding chamber be beneficial.  A valved holding chamber attaches to the inhaler and captures then directs the medication into your child’s airways.  Also, always make sure that your child stays on their medication schedule throughout the year taking all medications exactly as prescribed.  Pay careful attention to expiration dates and refill as frequently as necessary.




Photo by NIAID