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Introducing Peanuts to Infants

Peanut allergies are a growing problem in the US among today’s children. However, according to the National Institute of health,…

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Traffic Areas, Asthma and Dementia!

A new study is out about people who live in high traffic areas. The study suggests that people who live…

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Fish Oil and Childhood Asthma

A new study out from the New England Journal of Medicine┬ásuggests that woman who take fish oil during their pregnancy…

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The New Trend: Allergy Drops

With allergy season vast approaching, oral allergy drops are the new trend when treating allergies. What makes these drops popular…

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Asthma Risk Increases with Winter

According to the WHO, over 150 million people suffer from Asthma around the world. One of the common Asthma triggers…

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Cured Meats and Asthma

According to new research, eating cured meats might aggravate your asthma. Cured meats include ham, salami, sausages, bacon and several…

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Treat Allergic Rhinitis and Improve ADHD

A new article out suggests that treating Allergic Rhinitis in patients can improve symptoms of ADHD. The study suggests that…

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5 Things to Know About Asthma in the Winter

Although one may not think asthma and winter go together, asthma patients need to pay attention to their surroundings. Asthma…

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EpiPen or Epi-Pill?

Over 43 million patients use an EpiPen. Due to increased cost of the EpiPen, scientists are looking for alternative options…

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Classroom Allergies

Classrooms are one of the best places to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in patients. This according to the American…

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