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Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center’s Dr. Praveen Buddiga was quoted in a recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Dust and desperation: How the drought is hurting health”.

Four years of drought in California is wearing on the bodies and minds of the people who live in the San Joaquin Valley.

State health officials say they have not seen anything to link the drought to changes in residents’ health. But local doctors and health experts, and a drive south on Highway 99 from Sacramento to Tulare County, tell a different story.

Dr. Buddiga points out that the drought “is just setting us up for a tsunami, in terms of respiratory health conditions. It is undermining the resilience of a region already known for its poverty.”

Many Asthma Specialists and Pulmonologists are reporting many more cases of asthma and pulmonary disorder and believe the drought is the culprit.

The full story is available on the SF Chronicle site here

Praveen Buddiga, MD