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Although we are still in summer, the month of August indicates fall allergy season is just around the corner. With fall allergies comes the bloom of Ragweed, the biggest allergy trigger for patients. Ragweed tends to bloom around Mid-August and can bloom until October depending on climate and other weather considerations. When Ragweed blooms, it can release millions of pollen grains in one day. Depending on wind conditions, pollen can travel over one hundred miles from the host.

So how do you prepare for fall allergies?

According to Dr. Bryan Martin, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, ” ‘Thinking ahead to when fall allergy symptoms start can save you a lot of suffering down the road. Many people who suffer from fall allergies aren’t aware they need to start taking their medications about two weeks before their symptoms normally start. And since ragweed can begin to bloom in mid-August in some regions of the country, that means starting medications in early August.”

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