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As parents, we all try to keep our kids safe but when you have a child that has a food allergy, there is a whole new level of stress and worries.  Not only do you have to educate your child with the food allergy, you have to educate everyone that is a part of their lives.  Living with a food allergy is life changing because now before eating anything, you must read the label or ask how has the food been prepared.

What’s worse is, you don’t know how your body is going to react from one exposure to the next.  One reaction might be swelling or it could be a full anaphylactic reaction.  You just don’t know what to expect nor do you ever want to find out.

Here’s an article with a tragic reminder of how severe food allergies can be.  Denise was an 11-year-old who had a milk allergy, died from an accidental exposure to milk protein in a new prescription toothpaste.  Her mother Monique wants to get the message out to everyone, not to get comfortable even when you’ve been managing it for years.  To read this article click here.