Holiday Allergies?

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December 15, 2015


Holiday season is upon us and many allergy and asthma sufferers may be breathing a sigh of relief (pun intended!) now that pollen and wildfire season has past. The holidays can bring their own set of challenges for those of us coping with allergies.

As the temperature drops many of us may be spending more time in a well insulated house with the furnace on and windows closed. The fire burning and family snuggled does make for great memories it can also trigger indoor allergies.

Dust Mites: Those holiday decorations that have spent the last 11 months in your garage/attic/basement may bring dust not normally found in your home, Many of us travel during the holidays, hotel rooms or staying with family may expose you to dust mites which can cause allergies to flare. One suggestion to help alleviate symptoms caused by dust mite sensitivity is to bring your own pillow wherever practical.

Pets: Spending time at other people’s homes can expose you to pet allergies which can cause your allergies to irritate particularly if you don’t have pets in your home. Some people experience what’s called the “Thanksgiving Effect” where you may lose tolerance to your own pet after being away from them while traveling.

Mold: A damp Christmas tree or holiday wreath is an ideal place for mold spores to prosper. Mold spores float in the air like pollen and can cause irritation to those with mold sensitivity. Consider leaving you tree or wreath in the garage for a day or so to make sure it dries before bringing it into your home.

Food: Many different type of holiday celebrations bring along many different types of delicious food. These holiday feasts can also increase the chances of encountering food to which one may allergic.

Any severe allergy reactions should be discussed with your Allergist. The staff at Baz Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center are allergy specialists and can help with an indoor allergy management plan during the holiday season. A list of our office locations can be found here.

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