Mind over matter, can it help with your treatment?


March 4, 2019


Getting sick is bad enough, but sometimes the medications can make you feel even worse.  Having anxiety about the side effects of medications prevent people from finishing the recommended doses to not taking the medication at all.  Researchers at Stanford University wanted to take a look at if their was a change in the patient’s mindset could it help with their treatment.  The researchers used a group of kids that were enrolled in a peanut allergy trial at Stanford.  Having an allergy to peanuts can be very stressful not only for the child but their parents as well.  The study group was split into two groups and differed by the message that they received.  One group was told a positive message saying the symptoms are a sign that your immune system is learning to desensitize which means the treatment is working.  While the other group was told the symptoms experienced can be an unfortunate side effect of the treatment process.

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