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Insect Venom Allergy

It is estimated that 2 million Americans are allergic to insect stings, and many of these individuals are at risk of suffering life-threatening reactions to insect venom.

Stinging insects such as bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets, are most active during late-summer and early-autumn when the nest populations can exceed 60,000 insects. These insects live throughout the United States. Another stinging insect, the fire ant, occurs year-round and inhabits more than 250 million acres in the southern states.

Insect sting allergy symptoms

Symptoms of insect sting allergic reaction, called “anaphylaxis,” may include hives, itchiness, swelling in areas other than the sting site, difficulty breathing, a sharp drop in blood pressure, hoarse voice or swelling of the tongue, dizziness, unconsciousness and cardiac arrest. Reactions such as these require immediate medical attention.