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Welcome to the Baz Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center web page for our Selma office.

We have been treating patients in the Fresno and central California region for many years and look forward to meeting many new people in Selma.

Our practice specializes in treating Allergies, Asthma and Sinus conditions such as sinusitis and sinus infections.

Allergist in Selma, CA

An allergy occurs when a person’s immune system overreacts to substances in its environment.   These substances can be pollen from plants or trees, certain foods, drugs, animals, and insects to name a few.

The ‘Big 8’ food allergies are:

  1. Eggs
  2. Wheat
  3. Soy
  4. Milk
  5. Tree nuts
  6. Shellfish
  7. Fish
  8. Peanuts

These are the foods most likely to trigger an allergic reaction in people.  If you consider that many of our most common foods, sandwiches, burgers, peanut butter, candy, trail mix, cereal, etc… have many of these as ingredients, some of us have to be very careful to monitor the ingredients in the foods we eat.

Allergy testing

One of our team of board-certified physicians will administer an allergy test where samples of various allergens – pet dander, tree pollen, for example will be applied to your skin.  After a short period of time your allergist will examine the testing area for allergic reactions.  Treatment, whether allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) will be prescribed.


Grape allergy?

Selma is known as the “Raisin Capital of the World” which means we grow a lot of grapes!  As the grapevines mature and flowers blossom they release pollen.

Grape pollen does not trigger an allergic reaction to the extent of say,  oak trees or many weeds or grasses but there are a few with grape pollen sensitivity.   Grapes can also cause allergies causing inflammation in the mouth or on the skin, however, allergies related to grapes or grape pollen are typically quite rare.


Selma air quality

Pollutants in our air can also trigger allergy symptoms.   Pollen, smog, and smoke that settles in the valley from wildfires hundreds of miles away can all trigger allergies.  An electronic air filter with a HEPA filter in your home along with your physician prescribed allergy treatment can help make you much more comfortable on some of those poor air quality days.   Our doctors can advise you in other ways you can help improve your environment to make you more comfortable.


Asthma doctor in Selma

Asthma is a widespread chronic disease in California.   Asthma is characterized by the bronchial tube, or the airways, becoming inflamed and sometimes constricting which causes asthma wheezing and difficulty in breathing.

Often asthma can be triggered by an allergy, a sensitivity to pollen may trigger a person’s asthma.
This is why a physician trained and certified in the treatment of allergies, an allergist is the best doctor to see for asthma.

Asthma can’t be cured but with proper treatment can be well managed.  Our staff has years of experience treating asthma and can develop a careful plan of treatment to help you breathe easy.


Sinus infection treatment

Sinusitis or more commonly known as sinus infections is the inflammation of the air cavities of the nose and can also be caused by allergies as well as infection. Sinus infections can cause a headache and facial pain and depending on the type of sinusitis may be treated with antibiotics.  Our office is experienced and well equipped to treat any type of sinusitis.

Located just off the Floral Avenue exit off Highway 99 on Floral Avenue, Baz Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center can treat allergies, asthma and sinusitis for your entire family.