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Understanding "Today's Forecast"

“Today’s Forecast” is a helpful tool designed to help you plan your day. 
Is the Air Quality Index bad? Maybe reschedule that hike.  Is the Pollen forecast low? It might be a good day to catch up on some yard work.

The “Today’s Forecast” displays some key data points to help you plan your day:

    1. Today’s date and the location
    2. Pollen forecast
    3. Air Quality Index
    4. Weather

Section 1, Date & City

 shows the forecast’s date and that the forecast is for Fresno, CA.

Section 2, Pollen Forecast

Section 2 is the pollen forecast using color as a quick guide; 

“LOW” is displayed in green. 

“MEDIUM” in yellow

“HIGH” in red

Predominant Allergens show the specific allergens with the highest incidence for the day.  Understanding the day’s top allergens, coupled with your reaction, may help give your doctor some useful data about treating your allergies. 

Section 3,  AQI  (Air Quality Index)

is the Air Quality Index also displayed using color (green/yellow/red) as a quick indicator of the day’s air quality.  

We use data from Air Now as our source. 

AirNow is a partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Park Service, NASA, Centers for Disease Control, and tribal, state, and local air quality agencies

A description of the AQI metrics are outlined in this chart.

The Air Quality Index includes the “primary pollutants”.   A chart describing each is below.

Section 4,  Weather

shows today’s weather which we source from the National Weather Service. 

Why does living in the Central Valley sometimes impact our health in ways that are unique to other areas? 

The often challenging Central California environment can directly impact the health of your family due to an interesting combination of factors not seen in most places.

Those factors are:

        1. Agriculture
        2. Geography
        3. Wildfires
        4. Weather


We live in one of the most robust agricultural communities on the planet which allows us some of the best farmer’s markets around, we must often suffer from high pollen counts many times during the year.


Our valley is an ideal basin to effectively capture pollution from the south or smoke from seasonal fires.  The Valley’s geography makes it so that bad air can sometimes sit stagnant, exposing us to bad air for days at a time.


 We’re fortunate to live near some of the most beautiful forest and open space areas in the country; however it sometimes comes with a price as living with smoke has become a part of our lives a few times everyyear.   Wildfire season is lasting longer each year and the smoke from the fires contains particulate matter that can irritate the lungs triggering or increasing asthma related incidents. 


It’s HOT!  Summer is always hot but as the Valley becomes hotter and dryer, less rain means fewer chances of the rain clearing the air of pollen or smoke causing them to linger for longer periods of time.

It is important to understand the effects of these factors on your health.   The medical team at Baz Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Centers is highly trained to identify the most problematic types of allergens and can help you create and maintain a proper asthma management plan to help you enjoy optimal health. 

With office all over the Central Valley, Baz Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Centers offer allergy shots (and drops), allergy testing, asthma treatment and management, sinusitis treatment and more. 

Baz Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center has offices throughout the central valley, for help with managing allergies, creating a proper asthma management plan or for sinusitis issues please click on the office that’s most convenient to you.