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July 27, 2016

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With temperatures on the rise once again, most people are staying indoors to avoid the heat exposing themselves to indoor allergens or indoor allergies. Indoor allergens consist of mold, fungus or the more common dust mites. Most of these tend to accumulate in cloth based fabric inside your home the most common being carpeted areas.

According to Dr. David Corey, professor and chief of the section of immunology, allergy, and rheumatology at Baylor, “simply being in the house more, whether walking around or even sitting or lying in bed, can stir up the remains of these organisms. Inhaling them or rubbing them into the skin can trigger allergic reactions including allergic rhinitis, asthma and even skin conditions such as eczema.”

So what can you do to avoid allergy problems with these allergens?

First, for severe allergy patients, avoid carpeted areas and if possible remove carpet from your home replacing it with hard wood or another hard surface. Other suggestions include a vacuum with a HEPA filter, clean cloth based furniture regularly, and consider adding a HEPA filter in your room. Finally consider having your air conditioning unit inspected especially for the build-up of mold.

The full article can be read by clicking here.

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